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The American Heritage Girls Varsity Soccer Team



Player Profiles 


Seniors (Class of 2016) 


Julia Briano- 5'1''; Weston FC; Midfield


Dejah CasonCommitted to UM; 5'4''; 4.1GPA; West Pines United; Forward


Dara Magdaleno- Committed to American University;5'3''; 4.9 GPA; Weston FC/Atlanta Fire ECNL; Midfielder/Forward


Zandy Soree- 5'6; GPA 4.5Committed to UCF; Midfielder


Juniors (Class of 2017)


Angel Breedlove- 5'4''; 3.6 GPA; Sunrise Sting; Outside Defender


Victoria Chin- 5'1''; 4.0 GPA; Boca United; Midfielder


Chyanne Dennis- 5'10''; West Pines; Committed to USF;Defensive Center-Midfielder/Center Back


Ricquelle Farquharson- 5'6''; West Pines United; Goalkeeper


Madiya Harriott- 5'2''; 4.9 GPA; Sunrise Sting; COMMITTED TO UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY; Outside defense/midfielder/forward


Jaida Scott- 5'7''; 3.9 GPA; Sunrise Sting; COMMITTED TO UCF; Center Back


Emma Vasquez- 5'6''; 3.7 GPA; Sunrise Sting; COMMITTED TO JACKSONVILLE UNIVERSITY; Midfielder


Steph Aberdeen: 5"5; 3.9 GPA Defender: Ft.Lauderdale select; Defender




Sophomores (Class of 2018)


Christina Bedley- 5'4'';4.6 GPA; Sunrise Sting; Center Back/Center Midfielder


Savanah Gonzalez- 5'6'';3.3 GPA;Cooper City Opt.Goalkeeper


Michelle Lamorte- 5'4''; 3.5 GPA; Davie United Sharks; Center Midfielder


Jeanel Leon-5'6''; 3.7 GPA; Sunrise Sting; Left Defender


Jojo Hernandez- 5-1";4.3 GPA; Davie Sharks; Forward


Tori Alfero- 5"6: 4.6 GPA; Sunrise Sting; Forward


Nicole Newton- 5'6: 4.1 GPA; Ft.Lauderdale select; Defender 


Freshman (Class of 2019)


Chloe Laureano- 5'6',4.2 GPA: Sunrise Sting; Midfielder


Taylor Dobles- 5'8, 4.7 GPA: Sunrise Sting; Forward


Mandy Kopecki- 5"6, Davie Sharks; Forward


Sylvie Prepetit- 5"5, Davie Sharks; Forward


Sydney Waiters-5"8, Sunrise Sting; Defender


Marlee Fray- 5"8, Sunrise Sting; Forward


Elizabeth Matie-5"8, 5.2 GPA: Sting; Goalie











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